The Power of Partnership campaign will support advancements in genetics, data collection and analysis, as well as bioinformatics, the methods and tools required to understand biological data. We will be able to invest in gene sequencers, fluorescence microscopes, and big data to develop clinical databases—modern tools needed to propel life-saving scientific discovery.

Campaign funds will also allow Saint John’s to deliver personalized care in outpatient clinics and homes using leading-edge communication technology, such as a smartphone application for real-time, two-way communication with physicians, remote monitoring, and appointment management.

In addition, Saint John’s will develop a new Telehealth Center that gives the hospital access to virtual clinic visits, plus video feeds to connected devices and home monitoring programs to build better, more efficient partnerships between patients and their care team. This new virtual health network will greatly enhance Saint John’s overall strategic goal—to move patients from episodic visits toward a comprehensive health and wellness program.

Through campaign funding, Saint John’s physicians will be ready to develop rapidly emerging virtual reality technology to ease pain for patients in the emergency room as well as in obstetrics, pediatrics, and oncology.

Having the latest technology doesn’t replace our people, it makes them better.