Together, the institute and Saint John’s form a unique hybrid, offering the best of academic medicine combined with the highest level of clinically integrated patient-centric care currently available in a community hospital setting. Through this remarkably successful model, cancer patients receive the most advanced clinical care in an exceptionally supportive and compassionate environment.

Today, Saint John’s Cancer Institute and its physicians, scientists, nurses and researchers are poised for a revolution in cancer treatment.

With teams of world-class physicians and researchers working side by side on groundbreaking clinical trials, the institute is engaged in transformative work on complex cancer problems, focusing in particular on melanoma, breast cancer, neuroendocrine cancer, as well as urological and gastrointestinal cancers, and sarcoma.

New funding will directly impact cancer treatment options for patients, helping to build a new inpatient infusion center for chemotherapy and immunotherapy, a new clinic for breast cancer surgery, as well as exciting new programs in men’s health.

With the support of campaign funds, the institute, in conjunction with Saint John’s, will improve its bioinformatics capabilities with robust expansion of collaborative bio-specimen research and clinical databases. Big data will lead to big discoveries.

The institute will also proceed with vital upgrades to its research infrastructure. It will augment financial support for development of staff focusing on groundbreaking molecular and immune-oncology clinical trials and invest in gene sequencers, fluorescence microscopes, and other crucial equipment.
Additional funding is also needed to increase salary support for faculty so that the institute can continue to recruit and retain the world’s best cancer research professionals.

The success of the campaign will drive life-saving innovation and education for years. We will create an endowment for the Fellowship Training Program, the oldest and strongest of its kind in the country, guaranteeing current and future training of the world’s best cancer surgeons, researchers, research nurses and coordinators, as well as enhancing the research pharmacy and labs.

Our overall objective is bold yet simple—to continue to improve care, save more lives, and, ultimately, defeat cancer.