There is great power in partnership and all it can accomplish. We are on the cusp of greatness and the success of this campaign will propel us to the next level of excellence across all of our institutions.” Mary Flaherty, Chair Saint John’s Health Center Foundation Board of Trustees and Co-Chair, Power of Partnership Campaign

Our physician leaders have crafted the goals of this campaign, ensuring that donor gifts will have immediate impact on patient care and research discoveries. The rewards of this initiative will be exponential, allowing us to revolutionize clinical care, attract world-class physicians and researchers, and make leading-edge discoveries.

Campaign at a Glance
To further our prized and highly personalized care, Saint John’s and its partner institutes must advance the patient experience, integrating personalized care, data, targeted therapies, systems, and procedures to provide a seamless continuum of care.

The Power of Partnership Campaign is a comprehensive and transformative $150 million fundraising initiative to revolutionize the health center on every level—quality, agility, collaboration, technology, research, patient care, and our ability to attract exceptional professional medical partners.

Through the campaign, each entity will become much stronger, even more collaborative, and better able to innovate as industry leaders. And this is just the beginning. Our goals are ambitious—and so is our vision for what we can accomplish and the impact we will have for generations.