Most notably, the institute’s world-renowned immunotherapy research has revolutionized cancer care with medications that boost the patient’s own immune system. And the sentinel node biopsy, a minimally invasive diagnostic technique developed through this partnership, has transformed cancer treatment options everywhere.

Together, the institute and Saint John’s form a unique hybrid, offering the best of academic medicine combined with the highest level of clinically integrated patient-centric care currently available in a community hospital setting. Through this remarkably successful model, cancer patients receive the most advanced clinical care in an exceptionally supportive and compassionate environment.

Today, Saint John’s Cancer Institute and its physicians, scientists, nurses and researchers are poised for a revolution in cancer treatment. With teams of world-class physicians and researchers working side by side on groundbreaking clinical trials, the institute is engaged in transformative work on complex cancer problems, focusing in particular on melanoma, breast cancer, neuroendocrine cancer, as well as urological and gastrointestinal cancers, and sarcoma.

The success of the Power of Partnership will expand the capabilities of the Saint John’s Cancer Institute in scientific research, collaboration with Saint John’s and the Pacific Neuroscience Institute, and advance training of the next generation of experts in cancer research and care.

Suzanne’s odds of getting better were close to none, but Dr. Steven O’Day saw she had a chance with a new technique, and saved her life when no one else could.